Content Advice For Real Estate Professionals

In today’s modern web world integrating your MLS listings to your website has not only become a required feature, but is now fully expected by all of your potential buyers. Having your listings on your website used to be enough to attract leads and establish your-self as the best local realtor in the area, however that is not so much the case today. 

Real estate agents and brokers now need to prove their local expertise more than ever to help themselves stand out from the crowd. The best way of doing this is by providing creative, unique, value driven content and articles for your browsers. 

When trying to think about ideas for articles to write, a great place to start would be your own knowledge bank of F.A.Q.’s from your past clients. Each of these F.A.Q.’s could be expanded on into a full length article to help explain the answers to any future potential visitors. If you can think of just 12 questions you are asked on a regular basis, you’ll have a once-a-month article ready for the entire year! Even better, if you can brain storm the top 50 questions you’ve been asked repeatedly over the years, you’ll have a full years worth of quality content to attract new web traffic and leads!