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Freelancing Invoice – Owl’s Head Business Services (December 2020) (Upfront Project Only)

Monthly web development services for Owl’s Head business services. Hour by hour breakdown and details can be found in the product description below.


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  • Upfront – [43:15:00]
  • Total 43.25 Hours @ $50 USD per hours = $2,162.50
ClientTime inTime outTotal (hrs)NotesWhat was worked on?
Owls Head11:0012:301:30:00UpfrontServer issues – calls with Godaddy
Owls Head2:303:000:30:00UpfrontPopup lead capture form building
Owls Head11:1513:001:45:00UpfrontPopup Gateway
Owls Head9:0011:002:00:00Upfront
Owls Head4:305:301:00:00UpfrontPopup cookie troubleshooting, Cache issues, SEO meta displays
Owls Head9:3010:000:30:00UpfrontDebug log, issue tracking
Owls Head11:0015:454:45:00UpfrontDebug log, template file cleaning
Owls Head5:007:002:00:00UpfrontError log, memory issue, multi edits from task sheet
Owls Head6:457:300:45:00UpfrontDebug log checking/troubleshooting
Owls Head9:0017:008:00:00UpfrontError log, memory issue, multi edits from task sheet
Owls Head11:1511:450:30:00UpfrontNew Staging server set up
Owls Head1:001:150:15:00UpfrontStaging site setup (SG)
Owls Head7:008:001:00:00UpfrontStaging edits
Owls Head9:0016:007:00:00UpfrontStaging edits, calculator page
Owls Head3:454:451:00:00UpfrontStaging edits, calculator page
Owls Head12:0017:005:00:00UpfrontCalculator results page, tracking sheet edits
Owls Head12:3013:000:30:00UpfrontCalcualtor page video placement
Owls Head9:3010:451:15:00UpfrontCalculator page adjustments
Owls Head17:0020:003:00:00UpfrontCalculator edits, revisions
Owls Head16:0017:001:00:00UpfrontServer config checking for PHP setting provisions