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Freelancing Invoice - Owl's Head Business Services (December 2020)

Monthly web development services for Owl’s Head business services. Hour by hour breakdown and details can be found in the product description below.


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Contract for $30 USD / Hour

  • General Call – [5:00:00]
  • Jodi – [2:00:00]
  • Glamo – [88:40:00]
  • VJ Holcomb – [10:15:00]
  • Total 105:55 Hours @ $30 USD per hour = $3,177.50
ClientTime inTime outTotal (hrs)NotesWhat was worked on?
Owls Head1:002:151:15:00General Call
Owls Head12:0013:301:30:00General Call
Owls Head10:4511:150:30:00General CallPublisher magazine bid discussion
Owls Head12:0012:300:30:00General Call
Owls Head11:0012:151:15:00General CallGlamo discussion
Owls Head9:0010:001:00:00GlamoWoothumbs install
Owls Head7:0010:003:00:00GlamoDec 2 Edits call
Owls Head1:454:453:00:00GlamoDec 2 Edits
Owls Head3:455:301:45:00GlamoDec 2 edits
Owls Head7:009:302:30:00GlamoDec 2 edits
Owls Head8:1511:303:15:00GlamoDec 2 edits
Owls Head7:009:002:00:00GlamoDec 8 Edits call
Owls Head11:1517:005:45:00GlamoDec 8 edits
Owls Head9:3010:451:15:00GlamoVideo comparison to find out where/what to update?, Email questions
Owls Head10:0011:001:00:00GlamoDec 8 edits
Owls Head3:455:001:15:00GlamoDec 8 edits
Owls Head1:005:004:00:00GlamoDec 8 edits
Owls Head9:159:300:15:00GlamoDec 8 edits
Owls Head9:0011:002:00:00GlamoDec 8 edits/staging update
Owls Head12:0013:151:15:00GlamoProject call
Owls Head1:302:301:00:00GlamoDec 14 Edits
Owls Head5:007:002:00:00GlamoDec 14 Edits
Owls Head3:304:000:30:00GlamoDec 14 Edits
Owls Head5:008:003:00:00GlamoDec 14 Edits
Owls Head8:3010:001:30:00GlamoDec 14 Edits
Owls Head9:3011:151:45:00GlamoDec 14 edits
Owls Head1:152:301:15:00GlamoDec 14 edits
Owls Head7:009:452:45:00GlamoDec 17 edits call
Owls Head9:0016:157:15:00GlamoDec 21 Edits
Owls Head9:0012:303:30:00GlamoDec 21 Edits
Owls Head1:153:001:45:00GlamoDec 21 Edits
Owls Head7:0012:305:30:00GlamoDec 23 edits
Owls Head1:303:452:15:00GlamoDec 23 edits
Owls Head7:008:001:00:00GlamoDec 23 edits
Owls Head7:0011:304:30:00GlamoDec 23 edits, call
Owls Head12:0014:002:00:00GlamoProject call follow up, Dec 23 edits
Owls Head14:4517:002:15:00GlamoDec 23 edits
Owls Head9:009:300:30:00GlamoDec 23 edits
Owls Head10:3016:005:30:00GlamoDec 23 edits
Owls Head7:0010:003:00:00GlamoProject Call
Owls Head8:0010:402:40:00GlamoProject call – discussion about current project status
Owls Head4:456:151:30:00JodiFinding new login URL plugin
Owls Head10:4511:150:30:00JodiFinding new login URL plugin
Owls Head10:1516:005:45:00VJ HolcombAssesment review, updates
Owls Head13:3015:452:15:00VJ HolcombRestrict test to 2 times max for a user, view past results page
Owls Head16:0018:152:15:00VJ Holcombrestrict 2nd answers to only choice that hasn’t been selected before