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Freelancing Invoice - Owl's Head Business Services (January 2021) (Upfront Project Only)

Monthly web development services for Owl’s Head business services. Hour by hour breakdown and details can be found in the product description below.


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  • Upfront – [39:00:00]
  • Total 39 Hours @ $50 USD per hours = $1,950
ClientTime InTime OutTotal HoursNotesWhat was worked on?
Owls Head9:0011:002:00UpfrontCalculator page edits, search page edits, similar listings widget
Owls Head8:308:450:15UpfrontSearch page live site down fixing
Owls Head11:1512:301:15UpfrontCalculator page edits
Owls Head1:001:300:30UpfrontChecklist edits
Owls Head9:3013:003:30UpfrontMigration to SG Push Live
Owls Head6:307:301:00UpfrontZip code edits
Owls Head8:3011:002:30UpfrontPopup troubleshooting w/ 5.6 Update
Owls Head13:0016:003:00UpfrontCalculator, popup, results adjustments
Owls Head13:0016:003:00UpfrontCalculator, popup, results adjustments
Owls head6:006:300:30UpfrontTracking sheet updates
Owls Head13:0017:004:00UpfrontTracking sheet additional changes
Owls head3:005:002:00UpfrontServer scaling research
Owls head8:009:151:15UpfrontInstall Google Optimize script, searchengine research
Owls Head9:009:450:45UpfrontElasticsearch schedule planning
Owls Head7:459:001:15UpfrontInstall FacetWP Demo on staging
Owls Head11:0013:302:30UpfrontInstall FacetWP Demo on staging
Owls Head15:3017:001:30UpfrontInstall FacetWP Demo on staging
Owls Head10:4511:000:15UpfrontFacetWP map testing
Owls Head11:0016:005:00UpfrontNew Staging FacetWP Setup
Owls Head9:3012:303:00UpfrontNew Staging FacetWP Setup, various edits on tracking sheet