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Freelancing Invoice – Owl’s Head Business Services (November 2020) (Upfront Project Only)

Monthly web development services for Owl’s Head business services. Hour by hour breakdown and details can be found in the product description below.


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  • Upfront – [36:30:00]
  • Total 36.5 Hours @ $50 USD per hours = $1,825
  • $34.99 WP Rocket – Billing pass thru


ClientTime inTime outTotal (hrs)NotesWhat was worked on?
Owls Head8:4511:002:15:00Upfrontedits
Owls Head11:4512:451:00:00UpfrontDestroy Winnie
Owls Head1:003:002:00:00UpfrontDestroy Winnie
Owls Head9:0012:003:00:00Upfrontage range edits
Owls Head1:152:000:45:00Upfront
Owls Head7:309:302:00:00Upfront
Owls Head10:3012:452:15:00Upfront
Owls Head1:152:000:45:00Upfront
Owls Head9:0010:301:30:00UpfrontCall with new cofounder
Owls Head7:158:301:15:00Upfront
Owls Head8:459:000:15:00Upfront
Owls Head9:1511:152:00:00UpfrontProject Rework planning
Owls Head2:006:004:00:00UpfrontIndex pages
Owls Head6:457:000:15:00Upfront
Owls Head12:3013:000:30:00UpfrontSEO noindex issue
Owls Head10:0011:451:45:00UpfrontSite indexes
Owls Head12:0013:001:00:00UpfrontSite indexes
Owls Head7:308:301:00:00UpfrontSite indexes
Owls Head8:0011:003:00:00UpfrontSEO Index – Import form template issues
Owls Head10:0010:450:45:00UpfrontBulk update country, state, city meta on listings
Owls Head13:0015:302:30:00UpfrontSite Index, backups and plugin updates
Owls Head8:4510:301:45:00UpfrontEmailing question answers
Owls Head10:0011:001:00:00UpfrontWP Rocket install/Config *$34.99 FEE!!!**