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Freelancing Invoice - Owl's Head Business Services (October 2020)

Monthly web development services for Owl’s Head business services. Hour by hour breakdown and details can be found in the product description below.


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Contract for $30 USD / Hour

  • General Call – [2:00:00]
  • Brandstoria / Sharlene – [2:45:00]
  • Glamo – [83:00:00]
  • John Caruso – [10:15:00]
  • Total 98 Hours @ $30 USD per hour = $2,940
ClientTime inTime outTotal (hrs)NotesWhat was worked on?
Owls Head13:0014:451:45:00brandstoria
Owls Head3:304:000:30:00General Call
Owls Head2:303:301:00:00General CallGeneral Call
Owls Head10:3011:000:30:00General call
Owls Head11:0012:151:15:00GlamoDesign call, footer fixes
Owls Head1:004:303:30:00GlamoFormat landing page for mobile
Owls Head7:459:001:15:00Glamobuton and mobile updates
Owls Head9:3013:003:30:00GlamoCon call, edits, follow up call
Owls Head11:0012:001:00:00Glamo
Owls Head5:006:001:00:00Glamo
Owls Head9:0012:003:00:00GlamoCalls, my account page planning
Owls Head12:3018:306:00:00Glamonew queries and sliders
Owls Head10:0016:006:00:00Glamonew queries and sliders
Owls Head12:0015:003:00:00GlamoHosting call
Owls Head11:3015:304:00:00Glamocon call for intake process walk thru and fixes
Owls Head5:006:001:00:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head8:008:300:30:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head9:0012:303:30:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head1:154:303:15:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head9:0010:001:00:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head9:3013:003:30:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head13:3017:003:30:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head10:3013:303:00:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head2:006:304:30:00GlamoOctober 13 edits
Owls Head2:005:003:00:00GlamoReview Call and October 20 edits
Owls Head10:4512:301:45:00GlamoOctober 20 edits
Owls Head1:453:452:00:00GlamoOctober 20 edits
Owls Head7:4512:304:45:00GlamoOctober 20 Edits
Owls Head2:305:002:30:00GlamoOctober 20 edits call
Owls Head8:309:451:15:00Glamo
Owls Head8:3010:302:00:00GlamoOctober 23 edits review call
Owls Head11:0012:301:30:00GlamoOctober 26 edits
Owls Head1:002:001:00:00GlamoOctober 26 edits
Owls Head1:302:301:00:00Glamoedits call
Owls Head7:309:302:00:00GlamoOctober 29 edits
Owls Head7:007:300:30:00GlamoVendor side edits
Owls Head13:0015:302:30:00GlamoLogin page, buttons, Asana fixes
Owls Head13:0013:300:30:00John Carusospotify
Owls Head2:303:301:00:00John Carusoresponsive sliders
Owls Head9:4512:152:30:00John CarusoFormatting call on new homepage, spotify update
Owls Head10:3011:150:45:00John Caruso
Owls Head7:308:301:00:00John Caruso
Owls Head7:007:300:30:00John Caruso
Owls Head11:0012:301:30:00John Carusoportfolio items
Owls Head11:0011:300:30:00John Carusobody class
Owls Head10:3011:000:30:00John Caruso
Owls Head12:3013:000:30:00John Caruso
Owls Head3:003:300:30:00John Caruso
Owls Head6:307:000:30:00John Caruso
Owls Head9:3010:301:00:00Sharlene call