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$3750 USD

Problem Statement

The W!N group stands to overcome a primary problem of lost-lead potential and low conversion rates with a modernization of their current web platform.

Project Features

Project Vision

The W!N Group is expanding its vision beyond just being another realtor in the local market, but offering a multi-site solution showing their expertise and dedication to multiple specific areas in the San Bernadino region. This proposed multi-site solution offers specialized information, opinions, and perspective, which will help the W!N group increase trust from potential clients and demonstrates their participation and commitment to these communities.


Geographical relevance of this project is:

Taipei, Taiwan



New Re-design of New Main Site (Completed) Migration of content from old site to the new platform Placement of new written content from the client into the new platform Install of IDX Premium Listings software and page setup for specific neighborhoods/search criteria * 3 supporting Multi-sites (Details to be discussed and confirmed)

Success Criteria

Deadlines, Plans, & Approach

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