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$12500 USD

6 Weeks

Problem Statement

While Ruah International has spent years developing a strong and consistent curriculum to deliver to their students, their current digital projection to the world has yet to have been upgraded into current technology. Ruah International currently stands at an opportune moment in their business to take advantage of readily available and scalable technology to help set themselves apart from other schools in Taipei and offer their students a more dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Project Features

Project Vision

As Ruah continues to grow into a respected member of the community, their web presence and technology will be a key differentiator in building transparency and trust amongst their students and parents alike. A modern platform that allows access for tracking, engaging, and secondary learning will bring tremendous value to prospective students in the years to come and will help Ruah develop further prestige as an International Academy in Taiwan.


Geographical relevance of this project is:

Taipei, Taiwan


Ruah’s full re-development project will have a multitude of benefits for the academy: – Increased Parent Engagement – Increased Student Engagement – Increased Appeal to Future Instructors – Increased Progress Transparency for students and teachers alike


The Academy’s project deliverables will be as below: – Users Guide – 5 Hrs of Training – Fully Responsive Website – Deployment onto live server

Success Criteria

This project will be considered successful when all of the deliverables are completed in full.

Deadlines, Plans, & Approach

The full development of this project is expected to take 8 weeks for completion. The deadlines and timeline will be highly dependant on the client providing their content and required pieces of the project on-time as scheduled.

Budget Breakdown

The budget for this project will remain TBC as the needs are further discussed with the client.
Item Description Price (USD)
Intake and Consult Free needs analysis session $0
Road Map Full & Complete Road Map to Development $6500
Development Set Up CMS Set up, Theme Implementation, Database structuring $3500
Content Placement Image and Content Placement $750
Deployment & Security Migration to live server, security system set up $1750
Edit Requests (5 rounds) Included $0
Training Sessions (2 hrs) Included $0
User Guide Included $0
Total $12500

Standard Project Specs Included


Estimated Site Live Time


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