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Project Pricing

Investing in your business with a new web solution very rarely has a straight forward price. Your business is unique, and the website project your going forward with should be too. With this in mind, we’ve put together some basic packages for bench-marking below. We offer quick, affordable, and comprehensive solutions for small businesses, however if you’re interested in a custom solution to your problem, please let us know how we can support. 

If you have a good idea of what your project involves, we also invite you to use our Instant Project Quote Tool and get a finalized quote in minutes.
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What to Expect

Base Level 

Base-level websites are designed to get your business up and online as quickly as possible, but still in a beautiful way. We’ll use our extensive library of beautiful modern design templates to build out a site that is customized to your colors, imagery, and brand. Expect symmetry, simplicity, and easy-to-digest layouts for this type of package. 

Mid Level

Mid Level packages take your website a step beyond the basic level, and bring in more organic thought and customized layouts to your design. On top of the easy-to-digest layouts from the base level, we’ll incorporate special shapes, backgrounds, and other elements that will be unique to your site and in-line with your brand. Elements such as specialty icons, slider modules, and mega-menus may be brought in at this level to give your site that extra bit of pop. Businesses at this level can also expect a general SEO overview of their competition, and some basic keyword research for content planning. 

Custom Tier Packages

For the company with specialty services, unique platform needs, or looking for full branding needs we also have custom tier packages available. Businesses who are looking for a completely bespoke website researched and designed from the group up would be great candidates for a customized tier package. 

Using our proven 4 Step Process of Discover, Design, Development, and Deployment, patrons of a custom tier package can expect to kick things off with a deep dive call into their competition and industry landscape to create a roadmap of how their new website will aim to become the dominant name in the market for their segment. We’d love to walk you through the steps and process of a customized plan, so please reach out to us for more details.

Basic / Lite Level
(Great base for growth)
Mid Level / Standard Plan
(Solid foundation, unqiue to your business)
Custom / Premium Plan
(Those going for the gold and want )
(SEO Research)
Very basic Basic keyword research, quick competitor analysis In-depth analysis of up to 3 competitors, comprehensive targeted keyword content plan, complete site roadmapping
(Style of the website)
See here See here See here
(Turn around time)
4 - 6 weeks 4 - 6 weeks 6 Weeks +
(Making it live on the web)
Migration to live server, Quality Assurance Review Migration, Quality Assurance Review, Email Setup Migration, Quality Assurance Review, Email, Additional server optimizations
# of pages up to 4 up to 6 10 +
Base pages Home, About, Services, Contact Home, About, Services,Contact + 2 of your choice All core pages + speciality pages from SEO roadmapping
Who is this for? No frills plan to get your business up and online with a modern, beautiful, & simple website. Ambitious start ups, or established businesses looking to modernize their on-line brand presence and expand their website with additional customizability. Well established organizations with strong brand presense, reputation, and high traffic levels. When high conversion is non-negotiable, our advanced SEO, design, and development teams are at your disposal to build a platform that delivers.
Updates & Maintainence
(After launch)
Site Updates Weekly Weekly Weekly
Reporting Monthly Monthly Monthly
# of hours included up to 2 up to 2 up to 2
Edits Turn Around Time Within 7 working days Within 7 working days Within 48 hours
Additional Edits Hourly Discount 15% 15% 15%
On-Going SEO Not included Not included Not included

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All Packages Include

Security Audit

We’ll provide a comprehensive security audit and implement proactive measures to secure your site from hackers and malicious attacks.

SEO Review

Before launching we’ll provide a report of your on-page SEO status and how you can improve your chances of being found by potential customers. 

Full Backup Package

Prior to launch you’ll get a fully packaged, downloadable, secure and clean backup package of your website for safe keeping. This is your project deliverable in real life!

User Documentation

After building your website, chances are you’d like to know how to use it! All Progressio sites come with basic manuals to make sure you can maintain your site easily.

Training Session

Our training sessions provide tremendous value to new website owners. If you get stuck, your training sessions are the perfect opportunity to leverage the Progresio team for quick and clear answers.

Hosting Set Up

Hosting and server set up can be a pain. Our in-house experts will assist to configure, migrate, and launch your new website with any host of your choice. 

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